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7.5 x55 swiss ammo for sale | 20 rounds:



Find in-stock 7.5x55mm Swiss ammunition at the best prices…FAST ; Search Showing. 1-41 of 41 ; Now Seeking. 7.5x55mm Swiss Ammo ; Cost Range. $1.198 – $2.5.


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The 77.5 swiss ammo or 7,5mm GP 11 (or unofficially 7.5×55mm Schmidt–Rubin) is a cartridge developed for the Swiss Army. It originated from the Gewehrpatrone 1890 (7.5×53.5mm) developed in 1898 by mechanical engineer Lt. Col. Eduard Rubin for rifles based on Rudolf Schmidt’s action design.

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7.5 x55 swiss ammo for sale | 20 rounds:

The 7.5 swiss ammo or GP 11 (or unofficially 7.5×55mm Schmidt–Rubin) is a cartridge developed for the Swiss Army by Lt. Col. Eduard Rubin for rifles based on Rudolf Schmidt’s action design. The 7.5×55 Swiss ammo used by the Schmidt–Rubin Model 1889 rifle was one of the first to use 7.5 mm copper-jacketed rounds similar to those used today. The GP90 7.5×53.5mm round designed by Colonel Rubin was revolutionary in that the most popular military calibres used in Europe at the time were around 10 to 14 mm as opposed to 7.5 mm of the Schmidt–Rubin ammunition. Oddly enough the round was “paper patched” meaning the actual bullet was wrapped around by a piece of paper, much like cotton patches were placed around the bullet of a musket. Paper patching the round was supposed to aid in the gas seal of the bullet.

7.5 swiss ammo

7.5x55mm GP11 Match Grade.
Brass case, non-corrosive, loaded with a 174 gr. GP11 lead core spitzer boat tail bullet
2640 FPS

200 round brick

TRZ load No. PP722
Bullet Wgt./Style 174 SP
Ballistic Coeficient 0.417
Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated
Muzzle 2525
100 2320
200 2125
300 1940
Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated
Muzzle 2477
100 2091
200 1753
300 1459
Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line
100 0
200 -5
300 -17.5

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