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The GLOCK 41 Gen4 is a 45 Auto caliber pistol designed to maximize sight radius while achieving perfect weight distribution and balance.

Cartridge 45 ACP
Capacity 13+1 Round
Weight 26.81 Ounce
Barrel Length 5.31 Inches
Action Type Semi-Automatic
Trigger Type Striker
Safety Trigger Block Safety
Threaded Muzzle No
Barrel Finish Black


Glock 41: A Comprehensive Guide to a Powerful Pistol

The Glock 41 is a formidable pistol that has gained significant popularity among firearms enthusiasts and professionals alike. Known for its impressive accuracy, reliability, and firepower, the Glock 41 offers an exceptional shooting experience. In this article, we will explore the features, performance, and advantages of the Glock 41, as well as its applications in various fields. Whether you are a competitive shooter, a law enforcement officer, or a personal defence advocate, the Glock 41 is a firearm worth considering.

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1. Overview of the Glock 41

The Glock 41 is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol). It was introduced in 2013 as an extension of the Glock 34, optimized for improved accuracy and longer-range shooting. The Glock 41 features a full-size frame, a longer barrel, and a higher ammunition capacity compared to its predecessors, making it a preferred choice for competition shooters and those seeking enhanced stopping power.


2. Design and Features

The Glock 41 follows the iconic design principles of the Glock family. It incorporates a polymer frame, which offers durability, light weight, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. The pistol features a textured grip that provides a secure and comfortable hold, allowing for better control and reduced recoil. Additionally, the Glock 41 boasts an accessory rail for attaching tactical lights or laser sights, enhancing its versatility.

3. Enhanced Performance

The glock 41 threaded barrel is renowned for its exceptional accuracy and performance. The longer barrel length of 5.31 inches contributes to increased muzzle velocity, resulting in improved bullet trajectory and enhanced long-range precision. Furthermore, the pistol’s extended sight radius and adjustable sights enable shooters to acquire targets quickly and maintain accuracy even in challenging conditions.

4. Applications and Use Cases

The Glock 41 finds applications in various fields due to its outstanding performance and versatility. Competitive shooters appreciate its long-range capabilities and the inherent accuracy it offers. Law enforcement agencies often adopt the Glock 41 as a duty weapon due to its reliability, firepower, and ease of use. Additionally, the pistol serves as an excellent choice for home defense, personal protection, and open carry scenarios, where stopping power and effective engagement are crucial.

5. Glock 41 vs. Other Models

Compared to other Glock models, the Glock 41 stands out for its specific attributes. While the Glock 17 and Glock 19 are popular for their compact size and ease of concealment, the Glock 41 prioritizes accuracy and longer-range shooting. When compared to the Glock 21, chambered in .45 ACP as well, the Glock 41 offers a slimmer slide profile, improved ergonomics, and a longer barrel, making it more suitable for competitive shooting and target engagement at extended distances.

6. Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Glock 41, proper maintenance is crucial. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of the pistol are essential to prevent malfunctions and extend its lifespan. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and using high-quality cleaning and lubrication products will help keep your Glock 41 in pristine condition.

7. Accessories and Upgrades

The Glock 41 is compatible with a wide range of accessories and upgrades, allowing users to customize their pistol according to their preferences and requirements. Popular accessories include night sights for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, extended magazines for increased ammunition capacity, and threaded barrels for attaching suppressors. It is important to select reputable manufacturers when purchasing accessories to ensure compatibility and reliability.

8. Safety Considerations

As with any firearm, safety is of utmost importance when handling the Glock 41. Familiarize yourself with the pistol’s safety features, including the trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety mechanisms. Always follow the basic principles of firearm safety, such as keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and treating every firearm as if it were loaded.

9. Training and Proficiency

Proper training and proficiency are essential when using the Glock 41 or any firearm. Seek professional instruction from certified firearms trainers to learn the fundamentals of safe handling, marksmanship, and situational awareness. Regular practice and range sessions will help improve your shooting skills and build confidence with the Glock 41.

10. Pros and Cons of the Glock 41


  • Excellent accuracy and long-range performance
  • Increased ammunition capacity
  • Versatile applications in competition shooting, law enforcement, and personal defense
  • Reliable and durable construction
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories and upgrades


  • Larger and less concealable compared to compact Glock models
  • Requires regular maintenance for optimal performance

11. Conclusion

The Glock 41 is a highly capable and versatile pistol that excels in accuracy, reliability, and performance. Whether you are a competitive shooter seeking a competitive edge, a law enforcement officer in need of a duty weapon, or a responsible citizen looking for a reliable self-defense firearm, the Glock 41 delivers exceptional results. With its robust design, powerful .45 ACP chambering, and customizable features, the Glock 41 stands as a reliable companion in any shooting endeavor.


1. Can I use the Glock 41 for concealed carry? The Glock 41’s larger frame and barrel length make it less suitable for concealed carry. However, it excels in open carry scenarios and applications where concealment is not a priority.

2. Is the Glock 41 suitable for beginners? While the Glock 41 offers excellent performance, it may be more suitable for experienced shooters due to its size and recoil. Beginners may find compact Glock models more manageable for initial training.

3. Can I install night sights on the Glock 41? Yes, the Glock 41 is compatible with night sights, allowing for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Ensure compatibility with the specific model and consult a professional for installation.

4. What is the magazine capacity of the Glock 41? The Glock 41 comes with a standard magazine capacity of 13 rounds. Extended magazines are available for increased ammunition capacity.

5. How does the Glock 41 compare to the Glock 34? While both pistols share similar design principles, the Glock 41 offers a .45 ACP chambering and a longer barrel length compared to the Glock 34, resulting in increased stopping power and improved long-range performance.

glock 41


Product Information on Glock 41

Cartridge 45 ACP
Capacity 13+1 Round
Weight 26.81 Ounce
Barrel Length 5.31 Inches
Action Type Semi-Automatic
Trigger Type Striker
Safety Trigger Block Safety
Threaded Muzzle No
Barrel Finish Black
Front Sight Fixed Blade with White Dot
Rear Sight Adjustable
Case Included Yes
Frame Material Polymer
Grip Material Polymer
Frame Finish Black
Magazine Quantity 3
Slide Finish Black
Grip Style Finger Grooves
Grip Color Black
Compensated No
Trigger Pull 6 Pound

glock 41


glock 41 problems

The G41 Gen4 really provides all the advantages of the G34 and G35 pistols with the ballistics of the .45 ACP. The G41 is actually 0.17 ounces lighter than the G35, while its capacity in .45 ACP is only two fewer rounds, at 13.

glock 41 vs 21

The most popular round behind the 9mm Luger is the .45 ACP for both law enforcement officers (F.B.I., Sheriff Deputy, State Police, etc…) and civilians alike.

Most of all Americans prefer the 9mm Luger at the moment, but I believe that gun choice is cyclical. Millions of Americans carry .45 ACP because of its versatility in the sizes of pistols available.

The evolution of the 1911 (M1911 pistol) years has led us past the world-famous M1911, to guns like the Glock 21, Glock 41, or the Springfield Loaded. All three guns are incredible, but not all 3 guns are equal to each other.

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